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An Ophthalmologist is needed at the Lusaka Eye Hospital in Zambia for one or more years.

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The Lusaka Eye Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia is in need of an Comprehensive Ophthalmologist / Medical Director / Administrator!

The current Ophthalmologist will be completing a 6 year commitment and would like to hand off the practice to someone who will continue what she has established.

The official language of Zambia is English, so there is no need to learn another language!
Also, there would be minimal fund raising. You would receive a local salary covered by the Lusaka Eye Hospital (you may need outside funding to cover U.S.-side expenses).

The Lusaka Eye Hospital was founded in 2001 by 3 NGOs and the Seventh Day Adventist church as a healthcare institution of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Today, they provide eye care services for more than 20,000 patients each year!

Their mission is to reflect the character of Jesus Christ while working hard at providing excellent eye care and restoring physical sight. By God’s grace they endeavor to become self-supporting and restore spiritual sight to anyone in need.

Clinic Setup
Currently, the clinic setup is to triage the patients so they have two paths:
Outpatient (what they call OPD) - 100 patients/day with 5 lanes or statiions
"Fast Lane" - Referrals, more complicated cases. 2 lanes

They use a paper system for keeping charts which she has found to be liberating.

For Cataract cases, they mostly do MSICS because of cost. However, for those who can afford it they do have an Alcon laureate phaco machine (international version…they are probably 10 years behind). Besides the phaco machine, the equipment that is there or on order includes: Slit lamp 3 new ophthalmic chair and stands 2 haag streit slit lamps OCT machine coming Humphrey visual field machine Corneal topographer Yag laser Argon laser 2 Zeiss optical microscopes

The current Ophthalmologist has really worked hard to make sure they have an adequate supply of consumables. The supply chain that she has established is mostly from India. They try to have enough consumables to last 6 months.

The staff includes: 1 other Ophthalmologist (from Rwanda) 2 ODs, 1 HR, 3 nurses, 3 nurse practitioners, 5 guards, 1 cook, 2 cashiers, etc.

There is a house on campus near the hospital.

Outside the Hospital
A lot of activities or work outside the hospital will depend on the MD.  The current MD is a honorary lecturer at the University of Zambia Teaching Hospital – teaching residents who are getting a degree in Ophthalmology.  She is also on the National Prevention of Blindness – The incoming MD is able to contribute to eye care at the national level.

Spiritual Emphasis
Every morning, they have a short worship time in the hospital.  Also, the current MD prays with all of her patients before surgery. Whatever other practices or things that the doctor wants to do would be up to them.

To learn more about this opportunity, please contact us at info@christianeye.net

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